Bath and Body Works Product Review

Some time last week, Little Sheepy, Ms. Cactus and I got ourselves some Margaritas after our movie date.  Margarita hand sanitizer, that is!


This PocketBac Island Margarita hand sanitizer is small enough to carry around in your purse.  I do have a habit of having some hand sanitizer in my purse, especially if I am on a trip.  You never know what sort of washroom facilities are available when you are on a trip and it gets frustrating if there is a long line up to the washrooms when you are only there to wash your hands.  This was my favourite scent out of all the hand sanitizers we tried out.  It was citrusy, light and refreshing.  It is lightly scented with a fresh blend of mandarin lime and white nectarine.


Another hand sanitizer that caught our attention was I ❤ bling.  There are specks of white glitter in this one and it definitely puts some fun into your hand sanitizer.  It has a light vanilla and fresh berries scent.


The three of us had lots of fun with the Flawless 24K Shimmer Powder Spray in Twilight Woods.  We were like five year olds playing with mommy’s make up collection.  The spray gives you a bit of colour, giving you a slightly tanned looking skin plus gold specks of glitter.  It’s sure to be popular during the summer months.  It does double duty as a fragrance with a blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress.  Apparently it is inspired by the enticing warmth of woods at twilight but my mind links anything with the word “twilight” to the popular vampire movie franchise.

We did not end up purchasing anything but we sure did enjoy our time there.  Little Sheepy is thinking of going back to buy some candles so if we get the chance we’ll upload some photos of it.

After 20 minutes in the store, I almost lost my sense of smell.  Eventually everything smelled the same: flowery, fruity, dizzy.  Yes, dizzy.

Mushroom ❤


2 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Product Review

  1. I love Bath & Body Works mini hand santizer bottles. I keep them in my car and my gym bag for on-the-go use!

    – KW

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