Restaurant Review: Dineout Vancouver 2013 Cafe Pacifica

Dineout Vancouver 2013 is finally here and the gang decided on Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.

The ambience and decor was fancy, and the service was attentive, with the only exception when the restaurant started getting busy and I had to request for hot water refill multiple times.

For $28.00 you get appetizer, main course, and dessert. It also came with a side of breads and biscuits which was a flavourful delight. The butter was very aromatic and complimented the breads well.


For appetizer, I ordered the Lobster Bisque. They give you a generous amount, and I was happy about it being served in a bowl rather than a dish. For the bisque itself, it was very smooth and creamy with no chunks of lobster. It’s a great conversation starter, and by the time I was finished the soup, I was hungry for main course.


My main was the honey glazed bison short ribs, served with caramalized shallots and stewed new potatoes and carrots. It was instantly appealing as it first appeared on your dinner table, with the colours and scent combined. If you’ve never tried bison before, it basically tastes like beef. The rich flavours blended well with the veggies and potoatoes.  *photo taken from friend


Excuse my first foodie post for dessert: I kind of forgot to take a picture of it right when it appeared on my table. As a lover of all things chocolate, I was excited that our dessert was a very rich Chocolate Bizance, which is a “creamy ganache sprinkled chocolate streusel, served with lime espuma, mint sugar and home-made ivore chocolate sorbet.”


The chocolate was VERY RICH!!! As you can see from my (failed) picture, you must take little bites of the rich chocolate bar. The sorbet was a perfect match with the very rich and creamy chocolate, and it provided the perfect balance. We’re guessing the lime espuma is the dipping on the top of the plate, which was very true to name. It wasn’t my cup of tea though.

As an added bonus, it was one of our girlfriend’s surprise birthday and they threw in a cake and candle free of charge.
*photo taken from friend


Oh, the raspberries were such a delight to us and it turned out to be a hit!! It was a wonderful ending to such a lovely night.

Due to the attentiveness of the restaurant even though it started getting packed around late dinner time, I would love to come back for non-dineout service. The staff asked a few times if we would like to have them take photos of our group  and didn’t complain when we didn’t notice the bill sitting on our table over an hour when we finally reached for our purses. 😀


Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Vancouver on Urbanspoon


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